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Kurloz Makara by evilmonkey999 Kurloz Makara :iconevilmonkey999:evilmonkey999 2 0 The Waiting Game. by evilmonkey999 The Waiting Game. :iconevilmonkey999:evilmonkey999 0 0
The Story of Wrath 6
Chapter 6
Growing Up.
1:15 in the morning. Was the time my watch read as we drove to Jake's place, me and Jake in the front, Alex and Lizzie in the back. Everyone had drunk a good amount of alcohol after we finished up with the pictures. But I proved to be the only one sober enough to drive by doing a perfect double flip over one of the couches. But Jake insisted on back seat driving, I only payed attention to the directions he gave to his house.
As it turned out Gorge and Tina lived together on the floor above the one we were on in a small condo together four blocks away. Alex and Lizzie both went to a university together, but the campus didn't allow intoxicated students on the property, so they couldn't go to their dorm until it was out of their system. And there was no way in hell I was taking these people any where near my home. Jake said that his house was big enough so that all three of us could all sleep there, so that's where we're headed. I was grateful for no rain.
When w
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The Story of Wrath 5
Chapter 5
A Step Forward.
11:57 my watch read while I stood under the cover of the bus stop, the rain pelted down in one heavy sheet. The rain had been going on like this for around an hour now, I had checked the weather online, it was supposed to be going from very heavy to light all day, but never truly let up. I wonder how many people will be panicking about a house floods today.
I pull up the hood on the leather jacket, I swear I never take this thing off, then zipped it up halfway. For the shoot I choose the tightest pair of skinny jeans I own, normal people can't get their feet though, they fit me perfectly. A tight black spaghetti strap tank, with Greeds hand-me-down candy red knitted sweater, and emerald ankle boots. Make-up only on my scar, and some light maroon eyeliner. I pulled my long hair back into a ponytail, the first time I ever had hair out of my face, and Lust wasn't pushing it back. My tote bag held everything I thought I would need. Including my tazer. I won't
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The Story of Wrath 4
Chapter 4
Emotional Issues.
"Well that's all I have left to teach you, everything else you already know." Greed informed me, his Welsh accent ringing though. we were both sitting at the bar in the basement of our house. He was showing me how to use my new Mac, the one I stole. When he first saw the new computer he asked how much it cost, I said nothing, he looked so proud.
He had already would allow me on some of his computers, I figured out most of it already, but he did show me some programs, and how to use the internet. Along with this thing he called hotkeys. It only takes three days for me to learn how to use the thing.
Once done I turn to Greed, the left side of his mouth is twitching, it's fun to watching him try to not smile. He smiles all the time, but he has a special smile when he's proud of someone, he just doesn't want to show it right now because Pride and Lust were in the room. Pride was on Greed's desktop doing shit for work, Lust was watching muted Porn on the TV,
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2ollux capter by evilmonkey999 2ollux capter :iconevilmonkey999:evilmonkey999 1 0
The Story of Wrath 3
Chapter 3
Creating Chaos.
I walk around Best Buy, looking at all the different computers they had. I mostly paid attention to the laptops, they were portable, easy to store, and easier to steal. I was eyeing a Mac, it was $1500. At first I was aiming for just a notebook, something around $400, then I realised I had the money to just buy one, and that wasn't fun. Besides, Greed gave his word he would teach me everything I could do on any computer I was able to steal. He knows I have enough for a notebook.
It had taken a while but I was finally able to come up with a plan that would get me out of here with out getting me kicked out. And charged with theft. All I had to do was create some chaos. Lucky for me, there was a sale today, thirty percent off. Perfect.
First I needed a kid young enough to throw a temperature. There was a small girl with what I assumed to be her father, he wore a nice suit, I'll grab his wallet while I'm at it. I walked behind them as they were looking a flat
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The Story of Wrath 2
Chapter 2
Meeting The Human.
The sun was very bright for an October day, I wish the clouds would just roll over it and cover it forever. My black sun glasses kept out quite a bit of light, enough to not give me a headache. But I still wish it would die down enough so it wouldn't make my hair stick to the back of my neck, already I could feel strands beginning to attach itself using my sweat as glue. Making me feel sticky.
I had decided on going into town for some much needed food, we needed something other than pizza and pop for subsidence. It had taken some time for me to finally convince everyone for enough money to buy a week's worth of food. And after pickpocketing some rich guy I got some extra money for CDs and new clothes, I have ripped most of my clothes to the point of shreds.
While waiting for the damned slow bus I rechecked the continents of my bag. My ipod, large headphones, a wallet, gum, and a big bottle of 7up. At one time I thought of getting a cell phone, then I re
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The Story of Wrath 1
Chapter 1
The Damned Brothers.
The black marble room held only a candle, in was placed on the floor next to the wall in front of me. There was only 30 seconds left of light left to it. Meaning I would be able to leave my stone cage in the next 45 seconds. I was excited to leave this meter square, shit hole created by my 'brothers'. So they could keep me from ripping their hearts out and shoving it into their stomachs.
My skinny arms were sunken into the rock up to my elbows, skinny legs covered past my knees. I looked into the reflective stone, past the smudges and blood spots I could see myself. My long black hair that cover half my face and torso, crimson red eyes that only held anger. A pale, thin, lifeless complexion. Black, ripped clothing hung off me like a coat on a hanger, a beaten leather jacket was like a dress on me. It made me look like a anorexic boy.
Looking back down I watched as the flame slowly died away, leaving only a small red spot on the burnt string. I concent
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Dave Strider by evilmonkey999 Dave Strider :iconevilmonkey999:evilmonkey999 1 0 Gamzee's mouth full by evilmonkey999 Gamzee's mouth full :iconevilmonkey999:evilmonkey999 1 3 Kyle Benjamin Trapt by evilmonkey999 Kyle Benjamin Trapt :iconevilmonkey999:evilmonkey999 0 2 Master the Iphone by evilmonkey999 Master the Iphone :iconevilmonkey999:evilmonkey999 0 0
Breaking Point Chapter 1
It was a sunny in the late September day, birds flew past city buildings singing happy songs, fluffy white clouds drifted lazily across the baby blue sky. A older teen was sleeping happily in his double bed. In his plain small bedroom, he lied under a blanket with only his light beige feet uncovered.
Quietly, a boy that looked around three years of age with a black Mohawk walked behind the bed. He stretched out his tiny arm, then gently dragged his fingers on the bottom of the teen's foot. He was quick to dodge the surprised kicking feet. He heard a shout before the classic 'THUD' of the teen falling off the bed and onto the floor. The boy heard a groan, he ran around to the side of the bed where the teen lay on his back.
The teen was thin, with defined muscle, he appeared to be about 1.7m tall. Good looking under scars, tattoos, piercings, and old bullet wounds (most of these were on his chest.) Long white hair covered the right of his face, the left side had been shaven to the flesh.
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Kole Ryuu Danny Chi-Murray by evilmonkey999 Kole Ryuu Danny Chi-Murray :iconevilmonkey999:evilmonkey999 1 0 Soul Holding by evilmonkey999 Soul Holding :iconevilmonkey999:evilmonkey999 1 0


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Line art- 10 points.
Full value- 15 points.

Drawing- No extra points.
Digital- 5 points.
Painting- 15 points.

Add ons.
Colour- 10 points
Background- 15 points
Words- 1 point per 30 words, if you decide what you want spefically I wont charge you.
2 or more characters/objects- 10 for the second, 5 for any after that.
Mash-up- 5
Tutorial- 20 points.

Main- 15 points
Photoshoped- 20 points (You are only being charged 5 extra points form the orignal photo)

FanFiction- 10 points
"Older" FF (When restrictions are needed)- 15 points.
Poen- 5 points.
Other- 10 points.
Any preview picture you want will be the prices above.

Just send me a note if you want one, I'll only ask you pay once I finish.
These are much cheeper then most, so over all you will only pay around 20-40 points for something nicer. And for all is about 150 points. Since I am a perfectionist even a sketch will look pretty nice also.

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I'm currently working on two separate novels, one slower then the other.
Ashley is not my real name, it's a pen name.


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